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I used to run a blog that covers gazillion of random things since 2008. I used to document all my thoughts in it, from my latest kitchen discovery, new detergent brand, another religious freak I bumped into, car accidents to political issues (of my own country’s of course). Sometimes I write poems in it too.

One fine day I just deleted the blog and archived none of my posts. But I continued posting my poems in a new blog since 2013 which still exists today.

Here’s the link to that, if you’re interested in reading them. I’m not that good. None of them were published before either. I’m too lazy to go through all that process. I just enjoy writing them for fun, for my own satisfaction. After all, there’s no one out there you need to match with but yourself. You’re already born the best in your field. You just need to believe that you are.

For a while now I’ve been wanting to be that kind of writer/blogger again but due to work which I find taking over too much of my time, I never really could find and make time to properly sit down and type out my thoughts. I’m getting a little rusty too, I believe. Let’s hope none of my posts sounds anything like a press release or a news article.

Many often assume they know me. From my appearance mostly. Until they found out they were wrong. I’m not an open book but I don’t think I’m that secretive. I supposed, if you’re interested, you just need to dig deep. You (if you follow my blog) will soon find out why.

But here is a little introduction.


My name is Pleant Rovella Kapple. I was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak.

I’m a Bidayuh and I’m from a family with a musical background – no, nothing like the Trapp family. But we all sing and here’s where you can check out my work. I’ll talk about this more next time.

I have 10 tattoos. I got my first one when I was 22.

According to some people, I am born to be a mother. Heh, we will see.

See you in the next post. You might be intrigued to be a regular reader.


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