Pizza I’mma Eatchu!

Ask everyone and they’ll tell you that Saturday nights are the most popular nights to eat pizza. For me, it’s Sunday afternoon – all by myself while I sit and binge-watch whatever I have on my laptop. At the moment, Quantico.

Pizza isn’t cheap in Malaysia though. Even with the thunderous promotion, a pizza meal even for one person will cost you sometimes up to three times the amount of any other fast food option. But who doesn’t love to get together with family and friends for pizza? The best part is, they’re super customizable. There’s a topping for everyone. And admit it, you get all excited when waiting for the pizza delivery guy! [I do – especially when I’m hungry].

There are several pizza companies in Malaysia. Three that I know are Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s. My favourite and Malaysians’ favourite is Domino’s Pizza. And they have franchises almost everywhere within reach. If you’re too lazy, they’re a call or an online order away.

The other two companies may have the same features but Domino’s Pizza is famous for its fairly good delivery service, free coupons, promotions and limited deals. Recently, it’s the Buy 1 Free 1 deal. I’ve got two regular pizzas today for RM26.80 in total – Beef Pepperoni and Flaming Tuna which I’ll probably eat for two days.


If it wasn’t for the promotion, that two will cost me over RM50.

But why is pizza expensive? My take – it’s the ingredients. I went to the grocery store this morning just to check out their prices. Yeah, they’re expensive. And the cheese? My, myyy… The sauce too, though. Aaannd.. Let’s not forget to consider the meat, vegetables, oil, salt, sugar, pepper, and other seasonings that are used in that cabalistic zone between the crust and the cheese.

Expensive or not, you little bitches savour every bite!  You paid that much, waited that long and of course you enjoy every bite and the times you spend with each other [or on your own]. It’s also no secret that you wish that moment would just last forever.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a fan of fast food. But since I left home, sometimes fast food is the cheapest option I have to fill my stomach with. Just the other day I had a conversation with my friend about how cheaper KFC’s Snack Plate is compared to a plate of ‘chap fan‘.


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