rhymebo0k : The Rapsinger and Whatever

“I enjoy writing but I don’t really have much to say. Unlike you. You live to write. You have so much to say.” – Charmaine.

“Your poems are deep! I like how you put so much thoughts and emotions in your poems. Keep ’em coming.” – Sukhbir.

“When you go back to Kuching, you must write a novel. You write beautifully.” – Geetha.

“Wahhhhh so high level I can never write poetry!” – Belinda.

The above are comments from a few people on my writing – particularly my poems.

Here’s something about me – I’m a recluse most of the time and I’m quite a private person when it comes to certain things, but I blog. I’m a writer by profession. But other than that, I write poems and songs. That aside, I sing and rap too.

Here’s what’s written on my SoundCloud:

rhymebo0k is an underground rapper, singer, songwriter, and a producer whose music genre focuses mainly on hip-hop and R&B.

Her musical journey began in 2004 when she formed “TruCkerDreelz” with her cousins – Kehem, Ozzy, and Romeo – in Kuching (Sarawak), their hometown. “Rugged Companion”, their first mixtape, saw her co-write, rap, sing, and co-produce all 5 tracks in the album.

In 2005, “Pretty Lady” and “Between You and Me” from the mixtape were aired on XFresh FM and Hitz FM. Since then, rhymebo0k went on to grow her musical repertoire and began producing her own music.

In 2007, one of her tracks, “So Fly”, caught the attention of an established independent artiste, Galvin Patrick, who later produced a remix of the song.

Steadily expanding her network, rhymebo0k decided to collaborate with two independent musicians – Nutty Slicc and Sleezy Moss – in 2011. The trio founded “The Unstoppable Inc.”, which still sees her rap, sing, co-write, and co-produce songs. In the same year, the trio released their first mixtape entitled, “Dreams of Hope”. Their second mixtape, “Borneo Gliders” was later released in October 2012.

2013 proved to be an exciting year for rhymebo0k. Not only did she release her first solo mixtape, “The Rap Singer”, but she also released her first album, “Rhymebook” under “Starrdome Music Group” later in December. The album consisted of 9 tracks including “Across the Sea”, a collaboration with a multi-element band, “Swaiv”.

The album was also co-engineered by Kehem, who is now a well-established producer and video director in the local music scene in Sarawak – the epitome of TruCkerDreelz’ success.

In the same year, “Cold Sweat” from The Rap Singer mixtape was featured in “Republic of Borneo”, a compilation CD album published by “Seventh Tribe”. The same track is also featured in her album, “Rhymebook”.

Her R&B track, “Shoulda Known Better” – featuring independent artistes – Son of Age and Swaiv’s vocalist, Meryll Pearl – hit the airwaves through Red FM. It was also aired on 104.5 CVFM, an online radio station in North East England.

The following year saw “VIMA Malaysia 2014” nominate her song “Talk the Talk” – featuring Sleezy Moss – as “Best Hip-Hop Song”.

Born to set one’s soul ablaze, rhymebo0k – also a poet – is currently working on her second album, which is aptly named, “The Lov Era”.

So, I was listening to all my old and pending songs earlier and it somehow brought tears to my eyes. Some of the songs are about some people who used to matter in my life.

And ohhh… I have not been able to write or produce anything for almost two years now. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but I really miss it though. The whole creative and emotional process then, to the technical process. It’s really exciting. I hope to get back to that again soon.

I uploaded some of the old songs. I’ve got a couple more to upload but I’ll do that some other day. Whoever is checking the link out, I hope you like the songs.


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